Dr. Purevdorj B. Olkhanud is a Staff Scientist at the NHLBI, National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA. 

Dr. Olkhanud established and headed the first Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health in Mongolia. In addition, he has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. His research focused on emerging environment and occupational health issues in Mongolia, including heavy metal exposure due to urban air pollution, implementation of environmental and health impact assessment (EIA/HIA), and evaluation of policy changes.

Dr. Olkhanud completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship and worked as a Research Fellow at the National Institute on Aging of the NIH. He holds three U.S. patents in immunology for the discovery of a new treatment strategy of cancer.

He earned his MD in Internal Medicine and PhD in Cancer Immunology at the Health Sciences University of Mongolia, and has an MPH with a concentration in Environmental Health from Johns Hopkins University.