gerhub internship program


We are excited to announce our Gap Year Internship Program that will change your grip of the fast-changing environment for both career and personal life. We’re looking for fast learners that are passionate, committed, and willing to take initiatives. By working full-time on GerHub’s impactful projects throughout the year, you can expect all or any of these gains:

  • Unique work experience in a dynamic and forward thinking team that can shape up your future.

  • Awareness and probably lifetime commitment to dedicate your energy and efforts for your community.

  • Life-long network.

Core qualifications:

  • Growth mindset

  • Fast learner

  • Punctuality and responsibility

Applicants will fill out the form and submit required materials within the application window.

I. Application Deadline: May 6th, 2019, 11:59PM.

II. Interview Stage: During the week of May 13th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the internship start and end?

A: If the applicant is accepted into the program, commencement meeting will be held on the week of June 10th. Interns can start their time at GerHub anytime between the commencement meeting and August 19th, Monday. Interns are expected to work full time throughout the year until around August 2020.

Q: Will the interns get compensated during their full-time job?

A: Yes. After the probation period, interns will sign a labor contract with GerHub and will be compensated on a monthly basis henceforth. (Probation period is the first few months of the internship, usually 2-3 months, where interns are further assessed of their suitability and competency.) 

Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of the interns?

A: Interns will be working extensively on GerHub's multiple projects, including but not limited to: Education for Innovation, Ger Innovation Hub. Specific roles will be determined based on the intern's skills and interest.


*For questions about the internship program or issues regarding filling or submitting this form, feel free to contact

Get a head start with a purposeful year at GerHub!