BILGUUN munkhjargal

Bilguun Munkhjargal is the Chief Marketing Officer at BTF LLC, a retail company that represents global apparel brands in Mongolia.

He is the former Creative Director of Y&R Mongolia, Mongolia’s first international advertising agency. Bilguun worked for 6 years in Singapore as a B2B marketer and operated a self-owned small design & web development consultancy. In 2008, he entered the field of advertising & creative services, led by his passion for design, writing, ideas and technology. He worked as an art director for the in-house creative agency of MCS Group, one of Mongolia’s largest conglomerates, until the agency was bought by the WPP Group and became Y&R Mongolia. In 2019, after 10 years in advertising, he decided to make the switch to marketing on the client side and now works with brands such as Levi’s, Dr.Martens, adidas and Reebok in Mongolia.

Bilguun attended Eton College, UK, and completed his undergraduate degree in International Business from Curtin Business School in Western Australia.